Activities for Mental Health

Thursday, September 1, 2016

What activities are good for your mental health?? Tons!! And not only mental health, but also relieving stress and other things, too!!

Of course a BIG one, is exercise. (if you're able to!) Good hard cardio! It's good for the brain/body! It releases endorphins to make your brain feel happier!

Lots of different exercises include:




Weights/Strength training

Cycling (stationary or a real one!)

Yoga (I count it!!)

And then there's tons of sports that I can't even list off. TOO MANY!!

Now, let's get to the other side of what are good things for mental health. Not boring exercises.

Journaling of ANY kind.
- Art Journal
- Happiness journal
- Grateful journal
- Bible Journal or any other variant
- Etc.

Writing- Poems
- Short Stories
- Quotes
- Letters to penpals/friends.

- Your favorite book
- A new exciting book

- Crocheting
- Knitting
- Embroidery
- Cross stitching
- Painting
- Drawing
- rug hooking
- Macrame
- Hemp necklaces
- Beading

Join an online community/Facebook group! 

- There are tons of great subreddits on reddit. There are also tons of great groups on Facebook.

There's my little list. Am I missing anything substantial? I kind of just whipped it up really quick!

Take care!! :)

Fat is not a bad word.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

I'm going to talk a bit about the word "fat."

Is it a bad word? NO. It's a descriptive word. Who gets to decide that it's an insult? It's the same as tall, skinny, cute, short, etc. Fat. Is. Not. A. Bad. Word.

I mean, is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me. - J.K. Rowling

Let's reclaim all the words people think are bad words and be happy with ourselves!! I'm fat, so what?!?! Are you skinny?! So what?! Not your fault!! Be yourself :)

how to practice self care (+ info!)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Let's start off by saying:

self care = self love

What is self care (self love) and why is it so important? 

Self care is a time for us to be alone (usually best, anyways) and nurture our needs. It's a way for us to grow personally and it creates down-time to avoid those nasty burnouts.

I believe it is important because of so many things, but most importantly that you deserve to love YOU just as much as anyone else deserves love.

self care is not selfish

Now onto some ideas and how to's:

Rest regularly

I often view this as lazy, (no idea why!) but in all honesty, it helps prevent burnouts at the end of the day.

Create realistic goals

Realizing that you can't do everything in one day (one week/one month, etc) is key. It also helps prevent burnouts, too!

Don't be afraid to create boundaries - Especially learning when to say "no"

Saying no can be scary. What if the other person gets mad, or they think less of me for it? Who cares. This is your life and you need to take care of yourself, too!! Thinking about the request for a moment or two and whether it is realistic for you or not is hard, but saying no if it is not a good idea will make you feel better in the long run. Don't feel bad for saying no!


This is a very important part of self care. Ask yourself things such as:

What could I be doing to improve myself? - What am I doing that is making me unhappy at this point in my life? - Can I let that go? - Is there anyone in my life who I need to cut out? - What habits could I do without? - What habits could I adapt to my life? - ETC

Here's a short list of self care ideas to get you started: (more in a different post!)

For the mind: 

Read a book (self help, comedy, workbooks, etc)
Read inspirational quotes
Take a nap
Listen to uplifting music

For the body:

Go for a walk
Do some cardio
Do yoga
Drink more water (more points for fruit infusion!)
Take a bubble bath (or an extra long shower)
Have some tea (or hot honey lemon water)

For the soul: 

Anything arts/crafts related (yarn crafts, needlework, painting, drawing, doodling, etc!)
Snuggle up to some animals
Laugh more (it's good for you!)
Declutter (home-based, emails, pinterest, anything!)
Listen to a TED talk

Hope this is a nice little reminder for you to be kind to yourself as well as others!

{ More ideas to come! }

tarot revelations

Friday, June 3, 2016

So, I did a thing. I am in the process of reevaluating everything. This spread just pretty much told me everything I needed to know and helped me realize some things that were weighing me down. (As did a dear friend of mine.)

I haven't done a lot of tarot spreads, but the ones I have done have been scary accurate! I think this is my 3rd or 4th one ever.

So - I did a two possibilities spread. (and of course, the outcomes!) Here is the spread:

I can't talk about too much now because it's still something I'm attempting to figure out. (life-wise, not tarot wise)

Do you have any favorite spreads? If so, which ones?

things that might make you happier! (some small self care ideas!)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's been a lifelong (so far) battle for me to be happy/happier. It's something that's probably going to take even longer than it has. I lose hope, I have troubles and relapse; I am not perfect. (no one is!) There are small things you can do every day to try to make it a happier life. Try not to tackle too much at once because it can become overwhelming!

There are some things I do to make myself happier, but they may not be right for everyone!

Here's some of them:

Go to bed earlier

This can be tough for some, but even cutting it back an hour or two earlier is a great starting point!


I struggle with this one, but it can be very important for happiness. Especially if there are mental health issues!

Finish things on or ahead of time to avoid stressful situations

Oh man. This can be a bad one for me, but also not. Depends.

Practice smiling more when you're not doing anything

If I feel like I have my bitch face on and someone is staring at me, I will start smiling. I feel bad but I truly just have a bitch face. Smiling can make you seem more warm and inviting and also tricks the brain into thinking you are happy. Eventually it becomes automatic. (Read about it in Dale Carnegie's "How To Win Friends and Influence People."

Organize your home surroundings/your life

This is a another lifelong battle of mine, but lately have been kicking ass about it!! Trust me, it feels loads better when it's done! Even just a tiny bit at a time. At first it seems almost pointless and hopeless, but it does end up feeling so good!

Eat healthier 

Incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into your diet! Avoid processed foods and junk food!

Think positively (and challenge your negative thoughts!)

This may seem challenging, but it's really not. If you have a negative thought arise such as a common one of mine: "I am so fat and ugly." Break it down, ask yourself why. Why do I feel this way? Is it true? Does it change who I am? Is there anything wrong with it? Usually, I decide the opposite usually a bit apprehensively, though because I'm stubborn!

Get rid of the negative people around you/try to avoid drama

This one is harder to achieve because of ties you may have to the person. Perhaps you've been friends for years or maybe they're your family. Distance yourself from them. Do it slowly because then they won't confront you about it and cause a scene. This may seem kind of deceiving, but it's not. Your health and sanity is more important!

Drink enough water

This may seem like a no-brainer or a silly one to add, but it's just as important as the others! I find it hard sometimes to remember to drink water! Sometimes I just legitimately forget! Try not to be like me!


Writing or journaling/scrapbooking, etc your feelings are a great release!


Reading is a great escape, and one of my personal favorite genres is self-help! Seriously!! Give it a try!

Gardening/yard work

Something wonderful comes from growing my own food. I feel so good knowing, "hey! I did this!" Same could be said for crafting, flowers, or house plants! Just make sure you get region specific plants/flowers and plant them/position them in the right areas!


Okay, drawing is obvious. It's amazing. I would also add painting, or crafting of any kind!


Yoga is great and so is meditation. I feel kind of "off" after meditating so I avoid it for myself. It's something I highly recommend others to try, though!


I know this one seems so so so obvious. It's hard if you're feeling down to remember to take care of yourself. Even if it's the only thing you ended up doing that day was showering or brushing your teeth or both - remember that it's okay! It probably made you feel better anyways!

There's obviously so much more that I could add, but I'm saving that for a separate post!! Hope you can take some of these into your life to practice.

Remember to take care of yourselves! You're worth it!

five things I've learned by not drinking alcohol for three years ( and extras! )

Monday, January 4, 2016

Since the three year booze-free anniversary just passed I thought I'd share a bit about my life without booze with you. This is no way is targeting/bashing those of you who do drink, but instead - just focusing on what happens when you don't! Everything mentioned is reminiscent of my old self.

1. You don't need to drink to have fun. (I thought this should be number one.)

Things seem so much more fun when you're drunk. (Coming from a former party girl) BUT - things are actually more fun sober. I can accomplish things, laugh at the other people (not rudely, of course) and remember everything that happened!

2. People think you're weird or crazy.

It's true, they do. "You don't drink? Hmm..."

"Well, you're no fun."

"You're boring."

(Actual things I've had said to me after telling them that I don't drink.)

But, you can't let them get to you. I'm just doing what's best for me and that's not drinking or partaking in drugs. (6 ish years drug free: since October 15th, 2009)

People think that because you don't do anything they do, you must be boring. I've had relapses in the past, but I've decided that it's best to just be straight edge. Except for cigarettes, which I am going to quit soon as well! Every time I drank, I regretted it, and had regrets about things I said or did. So, there's that.

3. You are more productive.

Ever since not drinking I've gotten my life (somewhat) together and made a lot of changes and started businesses, with the recent talk of a joint shop with a couple of friends! (HOW EXCITING!)

I bought a house with my mother and fiance, I have more goals and insight into my life than I did before.

Most importantly: I get more shit done!

4. You save money. 

Unfortunately I am still wasting money because I still smoke cigarettes, but it's better than spending on both things I guess. The time will come. :)

I like the fact that I have more money to spend on craft supplies, dog/cat toys, dog/cat accessories, and other things that I enjoy; Like my vinyl record collection.

5. You feel pretty darn good.

If you asked me 7 years ago if I could ever seen myself not drinking, I'd probably have laughed at you. If you asked me today if I'd ever drink again, the answer would most definitely be no. I can't control my liquor. So, that means abstaining. I have a horribly addictive personality and I've chosen to focus on hoarding craft supplies and collecting other fun things instead of drinking.

I haven't felt this good my whole life. Honestly. Things are great. I mainly used drugs and alcohol to escape my reality, but I had to face it all head on. I'm so glad I did.

Life is great, and I am able to see it with clear eyes and clear mind.

Things I've accomplished since the "good old" party girl days: 

* Gained 100 pounds and hated myself.

* Met an amazing man who loved me for me and because of that, I learned to love myself and my body.

* Got engaged.

* Made actually really real goals for the future and for myself. (not just a stupid silly goal list)  -  Actually the only goal that remains a constant is having a small farm.

* Got an amazing new job - one that I wasn't sure if I'd do well, but I totally am doing it - well, too!

* Bought a house

* Engaged in more craftiness

* { not to toot my own horn } but I actually love the person I am today and while you can always improve everyday for the better, I'm happy for now.

* Got two dogs { something I wasn't sure I'd ever have }

* Much more! :)

Hope you got some good insight into my life and why I choose not to use recreational drugs/alcohol. :)

Take care!~

all about Erika!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey lovelies!~

I'm Erika! I recently turned 27 and I live in a town in northern BC, Canada. I live with my three cats, two dogs and bearded dragon.

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong decade, or even better yet; the wrong planet. I love the 70's. Mainly everything about it! (I've got my house decor to prove it!) Alas, I still feel like I don't belong here. I love and feel too deeply for that of this world. Enough of that, though!

Right now, I am selling Scentsy and crafting stock for the launch of my new shop! Stay tuned for that. :)

My favorite colors are salmon pinks, turquoises/teals, and yellows. (Mainly mustards!)

I'm a rather strange individual. I'm a huge fan of sniffing almost anything I can into contact with! (almost!) I favor citrus, candles/incense, teas, my cats and clean laundry. I find smells to be my greatest comfort. (aside from loved ones, of course!) That's partly why I decided to be an Scentsy Consultant!!

I like to collect things. Gems, rocks, Scentsy, incense, wool, crafting supplies, letters, stationery, post-it notes, etc. Basically if I like it, I buy it. (Which later becomes a problem!) I've gotten a lot better, though!

I love anything sci-fi. Movies, books, TV shows, etc! Something about exploring the universe just gets me every time! <3 And aliens. I love aliens. Especially "Greys". They terrify and astound me at the same time!

I really like crafting. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross stitching, embroidering, painting, etc. Basically I like anything I can get my hands on. I'm constantly trying new crafts or learning new techniques to an already known craft!

I had a somewhat troubled childhood, and spent a lot of my time being really negative about the world while growing up. I am finally at a place where I want to be positive and spread my positivity!

I want to help people somehow, but I haven't figured out how, yet! I've still got my whole life ahead of me!

Hope you'll stay tuned for more posts!! I'm still building up some things on the website, so bear with me! :)

Take care!~ xoxox

[[ Is there something I didn't cover that you want to know about me?! Let me know in the comments!! ]]